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Angelica Chavarro
Artist - Researcher

I trained as a fine artist at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and specialized in Integral Artistic Education, motivated by my pedagogical interests. I later developed a great interest in topics related to self-knowledge and personal development, which led me to train as an instructor in meditative techniques, yoga, kundalini, tarot, and others. Along this path, and following brain surgery in 2016, I found meaning in unifying my creative process with my interest in the relationship between the mind, the body, and the spirit. 


In my work, I seek to address mindfulness and the dimensions of thought and meditation through the fine arts, practices that have allowed me to investigate the psychological dimension of art as a contemplative practice and as a way of manifesting the spirit. My explorations and reflections emerge from different media and artistic practices such as painting, drawing, and site-specific installations and interventions. 


My works have been exhibited nationally and internationally, individually and collectively, in museums, fairs, cultural spaces, and galleries such as the Fundación Gilberto Álzate Avendaño, the Museo de Arte Moderno (MAMBO) in Bogotá, the Casa da Cultura Monsenhor Paulo Florêncio in São Paulo (Brazil), Latin-Art Gallery, Prague (Czech Republic), BEA Beatriz Esguerra Art, Barcú, the Feria del Millón art fair, ArtBo, and others. Recently, my work was once again selected for the ARTBO 2022 New Collectors Catalog.


Artist website:

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