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Our project

The Art and Spirituality Laboratory is the central methodological strategy of the research project titled "The Hermeneutic Role of Art in Spiritual Experience”, led by the Universidad del Rosario’s School of Human Sciences and financed by Templeton Religion Trust as part of the Art Seeking Understanding initiative.


We are a community of practice made up of artists from different disciplines, philosophers and social scientists dedicated to exploring the ways in which artistic creation reveals and gives meaning to spiritual experience. To this end, we have designed a novel research-creation methodology based on spiritual practice, artistic exploration, self-description through diaries, collaborative work, philosophical dialogue, and documentary recording


In its plurality of manifestations and forms of expression –not necessarily linked in our days to a particular religious tradition–, we believe that spiritual experience implies a feeling and awareness of the divine through which we gain a deep understanding of the meaning of life and transformations occur in the ways in which we live and are in the world.

Can art contribute to discovering and expressing the meaning of this type of experience?


What are the characteristics of the understanding achieved through artistic creation? 


How does artistic understanding differ from other kinds of understanding? 


Can artistic creation itself be a form of practice and spiritual experience? 


How can we know if a creative process has generated a new spiritual understanding?


How can the arts, philosophy, and social sciences dialogue to explore spiritual experience?


These and other similar questions are the focus of the inquiry presented here in this Convergent Documentary Platform. 

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