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Rodrigo Restrepo
Artist - Researcher

I am a musician, composer, experimenter, and sound artist with a degree in Composition from the Universidad de los Andes and a Masters in Experimental Sound Practices from the California Institute of the Arts. I began studying sitar and Indian music several years ago under Ustad Aashish Kan and am currently a professor in the music department of the Universidad de los Andes.


In 2019, I produced the album Universos paralelos and am currently working on another titled Nada Satya. I have scored films, performed music during Kirtan sessions and in numerous concerts, shown my work at art exhibitions, and studied the sitar for many hours, and I have constructed machines that play impossible music and created spaces with interactive soundscapes. I have also designed and interpreted sound interfaces and dedicated many hours to creating musical coding. I have spent endless hours improvising music that passed like the wind, and meditated in sound and in nothingness. I see music as a spiritual tool, a means of connection, an elevator, a flame that sets the heart burning, a way of advocating for positive transformation, and an instrument of healing and joy.


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