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Pathways is a series of short documentaries that follow the processes of the Art and Spirituality Laboratory. Each short film follows one of the lab's workshops, exploring the aesthetic developments and understandings that emerged for the participants during the workshop. The series offers a look at the relationship between spiritual experience and artistic creation.


The eight documentary pieces explore this relationship from the different languages and disciplines articulated in the workshops: music, poetry, performance, visual arts, self-observation, and reflection. In this way, Pathways seeks to integrate the different perspectives of this heteronomous creative prism on the edge of verbal expression. It resonates with anticipated glimpses of the ineffable in spiritual experience often sought in the explorations of Laboratory artists. 


Viewers can explore the documentary pieces in multiple ways: linearly, following the chronological order of the workshops, each of which revolves around one of the Laboratory’s seven themes, plus the last piece that includes final reflections and the principal findings of the research; but also cross-sectionally, or thematically, allowing certain highlighted ideas or reflections to lead the viewer from one piece, or episode, to another, guided by the description provided for each of them. A third option is to view the shorts randomly, guided by the animated mandala on the website’s homepage, which includes buttons for accessing the different episodes.


Hyperlinks included in the description of each short connect the episodes to other parts of the Convergent Documentary Platform (CDP), thus weaving a network that provides complementary information and inspires thoughtful exploration by viewers.

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