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Natalia Reinoso
Coordinator of Qualitative Research

I am an independent researcher with training in psychology and a postgraduate degree in Education and Cultural Diversity. I am dedicated to learning and teaching cultural humility, community psychology, and qualitative research.


I have had the good fortune to work with indigenous, rural, and Afro-Colombian people and communities in Colombia, who have taught me the value of diversity and to whom I am grateful for the gift of traditional medicines. My work is therefore oriented especially towards ensuring quality of life in community, protecting diverse sociocultural identities, and learning to live together in our differences. This path has allowed me to explore the construction of auto-ethnographic texts with professionals in health, education, and social sciences, with whom I have worked to develop self-reflexive processes that illuminate professional life and relationships with others.

For me, spirituality materializes in daily life; in the awareness of beauty, responsibility with suffering, and the search for coherence in Love. It is also manifest in meaningful work oriented towards serving those who suffer and extending compassionate relationships that make possible a renewed encounter in difference.

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