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Guillermo Santos
Artist - Researcher

I have dedicated myself to the creation and research of images and visual representation, especially through photography. I have a background in anthropology from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia which, in addition to my self-taught photographic activity, led to an interest in visual documentary and its possibilities. I later earned a Masters in Film Studies from l’Université Paris III and worked in research and visual creation on topics related to Latin American urban affairs.


My professional career evolved towards artistic creation and reflection in a variety of areas (curatorial projects, theoretical research on the photographic image, personal artistic projects, editorial and documentary photography, and cinematographic photography). I have taught visual arts and interdisciplinary studies linked to the visual in major universities throughout Colombia and my work has been shown in galleries and museums in Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, the United States, Italy, and Japan. I currently divide my time between my work as an Associate Professor in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia’s Arts Department and my personal creative and independent photography projects and teaching.


In my work I have attempted to approach my closest surroundings —my street, neighborhood, city, and places of work— through experimentation with different forms of photographic devices, and have experimented with contemplative experiences that explore other dimensions of time. Through this practice I seek to open spaces for spiritual growth and inspire in viewers a reflection on these other dimensions of temporal experience and their relationship to our own presence.

Serie Augustos

Arcanum Avium

Serie Ciudad Blanca

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