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We are a community of practice made up of artists from different disciplines, philosophers and social scientists dedicated to exploring the ways in which artistic creation reveals and gives meaning to spiritual experience. To this end, we have designed a novel research-creation methodology based on spiritual practice, artistic exploration, self-description through diaries, collaborative work, philosophical dialogue, and documentary recording. 

Rodrigo Restrepo

Artista - Investigador

Carlos Miguel Gomez

Project Leader

Lead Investigator

Natalia Reinoso

Coordinator of Qualitative Research

Ximena Bernal

Laboratory coordinator and

Artist - Researcher

Roberto Restrepo

Coordinator of the Convergent Documentary Platform

Corina Estrada

Research Assistant

Alejandro Zuluaga

Artist - Researcher

Angelica Chavarro

Artist - Researcher

Guillermo Santos

Artist - Researcher

Juliet Susana Gomez

Artist - Researcher

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