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Roberto Restrepo
Coordinator of the Convergent Documentary Platform

I am a film director trained in philosophy (Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá) and film direction (EICAR, Paris) with a specialization in Narrative Creation (Universidad Central, Bogotá) and studies in yoga philosophy in India (Bihar Yoga Bharati), where I lived for four years. I’ve enjoyed a parallel career as a teacher and researcher of topics related to the spiritual traditions of Asia, especially India, and as a film director, interested particularly in traditional worldviews and their importance in environmental conservation. I wrote, produced, and co-directed the documentary film, Ganges: A Journey through the Senses of Water, which was released in theaters in 2019. Ganges competed for national and international awards and was made available on platforms such as Amazon Prime and Cineco Plus.

For me, spirituality reveals the deep meaning of existence and is a space which, when probed by art, awakens the most intimate fibers of the human being. Spirituality and art interweave the experiences, images, and stories in which we travel through life.


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