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Corina Estrada
Research Assistant

I studied philosophy at the Universidad del Rosario and later earned a master's degree in Cultural Studies at the Universidad de los Andes, spurred on by a latent feeling, at age 27, of having always believed in the words provided by the world and the meaning in it, and in writing, which has filled my life with meaning. I have therefore focused on reading, writing, and the understanding that words are never just mine or someone else's; they exist because we are together, in a particular time and space. I believe words are not invented by the world, but instead uncover it, in many ways. 


I have also worked in the editorial field and in academic publications as a compiler, editor, and proofreader and have participated in academic and collective research processes, and in university teaching. I have, in addition, practiced cultural management for public institutions and foundations.


At this moment in my life I feel deeply open to using affective understandings to approach the spiritual questions and experiences  lived and shared in the Laboratory.

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