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Spiritual experience in diversity


Many religious traditions assume the fundamental unity of everything that exists, a univocal principle that precedes manifest diversity. In the sciences, from the simple fundamental elements arise increasingly complex structures in which oppositions, tensions and conflicts begin to appear, along with multiplicity. The ostensible reality, full of polarities and confrontations, would seem to contradict the fundamental harmonious univocity.  

The spiritual experience in diversity, the first Sendero in this documentary series, explores the way in which the laboratory participants relate to the theme of the plurality of spiritual paths from their artistic activity. Thus, our artists review the multiplicity of inner voices fed by the diverse religious and cultural traditions to which they have been exposed, and inquire into the meaning of diversity in the spheres of culture, religion, and the exuberant natural world.  


This Path focuses on the experiences of Guillermo Santos y Carlos Miguel Gomez and his work, in which the photographer explores the diversity of times between the natural and the human (see Augustus series) while the writer and philosopher investigates the meaning of the sometimes traumatic encounter of the different worldviews, the polyphony they generate and the meaning of this diversity. (seepapers on intercultural and interreligious dialogue)



Diversity gives rise to polarity, which makes dissimilar elements attract or repel each other, that is, they generate encounters and disagreements, for which reasonThe spiritual experience in diversityit followsThe spiritual experience through the heart

Natural exuberance is one of the ways in which divinity manifests its superabundance to us, which is why this first short film also followsThe spiritual experience in nature.

Polarity also gives rise to tension, conflict and crisis. For thisThe spiritual experience in diversityconnects himself withThe spiritual experience in uncertainty, crisis and chaos



Direction: Roberto Restrepo

Cinematography: Juan Carlos Ospina and Roberto Restrepo 

Direct sound: José Flórez

Editing: Roberto Restrepo

Sound design: Carolina Ortiz

Color and Finishing: Oscar Arango

Graphics: Juan Franco

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