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Spiritual experience through the heart


The fact that emotions open us to the divine has been frequently noted and explored by different spiritual traditions. This is also one of the clearest points of intersection between spirituality and art. Music, visual arts and poetry have accompanied the dissemination of spiritual teachings, beliefs and practices since the dawn of civilization and have facilitated the generation of spiritual states conducive to deep understandings of the meaning of human existence.


This path focuses on the explorations of Susana Gómez and Rodrigo Restrepo from the workshop Spiritual experience in encounters and Disencounters with others, in which the members of the laboratory inquired about emotions and emotional bonds in relation to spiritual experience. For Rodrigo Restrepo, the musical elaboration of a mourning situation allowed him to infer the similarity between a mother's love and divine love and to explore the possibility of creating by privileging sensitivity over reason. In turn, Susana Gómez explores the trust in divinity and life from her artistic practice and a physical condition of her heart (CIV). For both artists, a situation of lack leads to an understanding of the presence of divine love.


The short film suggests that there is a type of understanding that exclusively concerns the sphere of emotions, in which the arts play a primordial role. Human beings need these emotional clarities in order to achieve global understandings of the meaning of their existence.


As love and lovelessness are a form of relationship that can only occur in polarity, which makes dissimilar elements attract or repel each other, from The Spiritual Experience through the Heart follows The Spiritual Experience in Diversity.  


The polarity that allows the human being to seek to relate, to desire and to love, leads to wanting the permanence of the loved one, which gives rise to tension, conflict and crisis. So from The Spiritual Experience through the Heart follows The Spiritual Experience in Uncertainty, Crisis and Chaos. But at the same time, love and relationships are a source of joy and inspiration for the human being, so from The Spiritual Experience through the Heart follows The Spiritual Experience in Joy: Fulfillment and Creation.




Director: Roberto Restrepo 

Cinematography: Juan Carlos Ospina and Roberto Restrepo  

Direct sound: José Flórez 

Editing: Roberto Restrepo 

Sound design: Carolina Ortiz 


Color and Finishing: Oscar Arango 

Graphics: Juan Franco

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