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Juliet Susana Gomez
Artist - Researcher

I have dedicated much of my life to becoming an artist and researcher of the body in movement. I have a degree in Performing Arts with an emphasis in Modern Dance from the Universidad Distrital Francisco José De Caldas (ASAB). I co-founded the Colectivo Su Realismo and Colectivo Multitoma Danza (2014-2016) and was a Researching Artist on the C.A.R.N. Experimento project (2014-2020).  Over the past two years I have participated as guest artist on several different projects, including Guaricha, Quid by the La espiral dance company, where I have worked as a performer and a visual artist.  

I am currently involved in a creative research process with artist Rafael Nieves based on the use of the conceptual, symbolic, and poetic resources of the I Ching oracle to develop mechanisms for improvising and composing short pieces for presentation in non-conventional spaces. I am also carrying out personal research seeking to integrate the other corporal practices currently present in my life (yoga, aikido) with the idea of widening the body’s epistemic horizons, along with my understanding of and aptitude for the creative act. To support this process, I enrolled in the Universidad Javeriana’s certification course in Somatic Education in the Performing Arts, in 2022.




The body at capture time

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